Introducing BankTracSM

BankTracSM provides local banks like yours with insight from their local area on par with the robust research national banks get on a regular basis.  These insights – from your customers and prospects – are critical to build and refine efficient and effective marketing programs.

BankTracSM will help you develop a stronger competitive edge across the elements in your marketing programs for both retail and commercial markets. And, because it is syndicated, your cost is much lower than conducting similar, custom research.

BankTracSM provides answers to questions important to your bank’s future success, such as:

  • How does your bank compare to others in moving consumers from awareness, thru consideration to usage and recommendation?



  • How can you differentiate your bank in a meaningful way, strengthening customer engagement and interest among potential customers?

— By mapping the importance of category drivers and your bank’s imagery you can understand where your image is already strong and where it needs to be strengthened to attract new customers.



  • What is the “churn” in your local market? Do you get your fair share of switches and why do customers typically switch banks?
  • What are Millennial’s looking for in a bank? Is it different from other customers? Are you meeting their needs & expectations when it comes to mobile banking?

BankTracSM will give you answers to these questions and many more – all designed to help you develop a marketing and communication platform consistent with what’s needed to drive growth.

Call or email us today to arrange for a special presentation for your team to learn more about what BankTracSM can do for you.