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Mail Fraud Scam Alert: CASRO Warns "Mystery Shopper" Consumers

RTi Research would like to alert all consumers of a potential "mystery shopper" mail fraud scheme that is hitting the postal and electronic mail system. 

Market Research companies names are being "hijacked" and illegally used to stage this fraud scheme and both research companies (and consumers) need to be prepared to respond and address any questions or inquiries from this potential fraudulent activity.

The recipient of the letter or email is asked to become a mystery shopper and evaluate the service of Western Union or Money Gram. There is a request for monies to be both deposited and wired to a designated Western Union or Money Gram account. Of course the check they send you to deposit isn't legitimate, and the individual who takes part in this scheme has just wired and lost their own money.

If you have received a letter or email requesting you become a 'mystery shopper" involving Western Union or Money Gram, CASRO recommends the following:

  • DO NOT attempt to cash or deposit the check (if the check has already been deposited, you should alert your bank immediately)
  • DO NOT send any money to Western Union or Money Gram
  • Contact your local post office, your state consumer protection agency (Visit for a list of state Attorneys General), and your local Western Union or Money Gram office
  • Consider filing a complaint to the FTC via its consumer protection complaint form

To read CASROs (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) fraud alert CLICK HERE: