I’m a member of a local CEO/Business Owner group and like me, most of the 30 members are in the business to business space. So every time the topic of social media comes up there are a lot of groans and discussion around how it’s only for consumers and has no place in a B-to-B environment. Admittedly, I was one of the groaners… until just this week.

This spring’s GRIT (Greenbook Industry Trends) report shows that 27% of client-side researchers say they stay abreast of industry developments via Facebook, 20% make use Twitter for industry information, and 36% follow blogs. And nobody would be surprised to hear that newer entrants into our industry use these sources at significantly higher rates than those of us who have been around a while.

Now, the doubting reader might still say that these usage rates are pretty low and they might cite from that same GRIT report that “tried and true” methods like webinars, company websites, conferences, and white papers are still much more widely used as means to stay abreast of industry information – by a factor of two or three. But… wait! Webinars are now considered “tried and true”? When did that happen???

I am quite confident that like the now ubiquitous webinar, we will see a rapid and significant increase in researcher’s usage of various social media platforms to inform them and keep them current with our ever-changing industry.

So with this first blog entry, RTi boldly enters the world of social media where we intend to continue to provide meaningful ideas and content to our friends and clients. Just faster…

-David Rothstein, CEO