This is continuation of our last blog based on our latest client symposium held in NYC last month. Our client attendee panel represented a broad range of industry verticals. They were joined by David Rothstein and our senior level client service team.  This year’s symposium, as last year’s, was moderated and skillfully led by Tim Key of Cambiar.

There was an open exchange and discussion of the nature of the changes they are experiencing in the research process. The focus was aimed at the role of “market research” as business enterprises adapt to and attempt to harness the opportunities driven by the dramatic impacts of social media and analytic technologies.

Perceived Shifts in the Role of Research by Senior Research Practitioners

Our clients’ view was made clear during these discussions: a unanimous recognition that new cross-platform, hybrid teams and more diverse relationships are a must to efficiently shape and implement the initiatives needed.  Researchers are now viewed as thought leaders who are depended on for consultative guidance.

The collective sense of the group is that we are in the midst of an accelerating revolution that is demanding of not only our time but also, more importantly, our sense of adventure, curiosity, insight and creative thinking.

These are exciting times, full of positive change and promise. Our symposium attendees and we at RTi see the new complexities bringing opportunities for those who have the ability to draw and effectively communicate business-relevant insights from what they see.