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Insight is only as good as the people who design the research, interpret the results, and synthesize the analysis. At RTi, all of our clients benefit from the “roll up your sleeves”, day-to-day involvement of our senior team. They’re supported by experienced and dedicated staff, and together, provide smartly designed and flawlessly executed custom research to support our clients’ success. You’ll find RTi professionals are the finest across the board; they are your foundation for intelligent marketing and business decisions.

Steven J. Campana

Executive Vice President

John W. Houghton

Executive Vice President

Donna Cirone Bonoff

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Collin

Senior Vice President

Lisa Cooper

Senior Vice President

Debra Liscinsky

Senior Vice President

Melissa Waetzman

Senior Vice President

Melissa Usseglio

Vice President

Bradley T. Cooper, CISM

Chief Information
Security Officer

Janet Baldi

Senior Vice President,
Data Collection &
Data Quality