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The modern world is awash in increasing amounts of data; with entirely new categories of data cropping up constantly. All of this change presents the market research industry with enormous opportunities, putting us in the perfect position to play a more consultative and influential role in the marketing ecosystem IF we know how to turn all this data into meaning – something that can be communicated simply and acted upon effectively and, thus, can be used to direct real-world marketing efforts.


In this age of technology, constant innovation is the imperative and consumers, who have a stronger voice than ever before, can provide a powerful source of insight and inspiration. As market researchers, we have important roles to play in harnessing that power, which is the impetus for this book. You'll learn about types of innovation and how they differ and the reasons innovation is so critical to your company's success, and perhaps most importantly, we identify the specific roles you can play, the challenges those roles present, and we explore how you, as an insights professional can be most effective.


You can't get too far into a conversation with an insights professional without the topic of storytelling coming up. Its existence is everywhere; it's importance undeniable. Storytelling is the next evolutionary step in ensuring our insights are communicated with high impact to time-deprived business leaders and truly influence the actions of our organizations. But, do you know what constitutes a story, which elements are necessary to make a lasting impression, and how to leverage stories for your business? Many, we find, do not, and that is why we wrote this eBook.


It's not easy to get inside your consumer's head and understand the series of trade-offs they make with virtually every purchase decision. It's even harder to model that behavior across your entire target market. You can't guess – the stakes are too high. However, you can get these deep insights into your customer's mind with Choice-Based Research. Choice-Based Research techniques can be extremely effective in replicating your customer's decision making process. But there are a lot of different techniques out there, and it's hard to know which one is the right one for your situation. Download The Power of Choice-Based Research and gain a basic understanding of the five different Choice-Based techniques, learn which technique will best benefit your study, and understand the pros and cons of each technique.


Advertising claims can provide very powerful marketing support for your brand. But often, the most meaningful and powerful claims must be proven. One popular and effective way to do that is with ad claim substantiation research. Whether you are making one of several types of claims to support your own marketing, or challenging a competitor's claim, you need to have proof supporting your position that meets industry and legal standards. This is a complex and often confusing subject area, and that is why we wrote this eBook.

Brand Extensions: Finding Opportunity at the Intersection of Demand and White Space

It's no secret that brands are among a company's most valuable and powerful assets. It is estimated that, of the brands in the S&P 500, 30% of their market value is attributed to their brands. While a strong brand is vital for success today, perhaps its greatest value is its ability to propel future growth. Strong brands can stretch to additional categories, additional segments, additional uses, and additional markets.

'RTi is a true partner, advising and guiding our team on appropriate methodologies, adapting approaches to changing timelines and budgets. The team is personable, and very, very responsive.'

Sr. Manager, Market Research, Pharmaceutical

'Working with RTi was wonderfulproactive in anticipating potential issues, providing solutions and making sure everyone was aligned before moving forward.'

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

'RTi is a trusted and valued business partner. The RTi team consistently adds value to the research process, and more important, to the interpretation and analysis of data. Their work is consistently high quality and their perspectives fresh and unique.'

Director, Consumer Insights, CPG

“A special shout out for bringing such value to the study – the speed and depth of analysis has made such an impact on the team in terms of pricing, package design and go-to-market strategies.'

Sr. Manager, Global Marketplace Insights, Multinational Financial Services Corp.

'Thank you for a great job and considerable devotion to our business. It’s rare to have a total team effort with such accomplished individuals as yourselves. You should be proud.'

Group Manager, Marketing Research, CPG Manufacturer

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Finding Meaning In The Raging River Of Data

If you haven’t read, or revisited, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neal Postman’s 1985 classic, we suggest you check it out. At just 184 pages, this brief analysis is as powerful today as it was 35 years ago. And it’s relevant to our work as market researchers. The book...

Spoiler Alert: Video Is Not a A Visual Medium

We had a great time at CRC in October. We drew a large crowd and enjoyed an enthusiastic response to our talk on the structure of stories. And we got the chance to see what our fellow exhibitors were presenting as the future of market research. Not surprisingly, a...

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