Financial Services

A Proven Track Record

Experience. Trust. Forward-thinking. Our dedicated financial services practice is staffed by research professionals with a thorough understanding of the financial services industry, intimate knowledge of its markets, and expertise across product categories.

RTi’s financial services practice is a trusted marketing research partner for global financial institutions in both consumer and commercial markets.

Our work with industry leaders spans:

  • Retail and commercial banking
  • Consumer and retail finance
  • Payment solutions
  • Investments and wealth management
  • Insurance

Consumer Packaged Goods

And our range of research solutions is just as wide reaching. Whether blazing new markets, developing new products, or optimizing marketing strategies, we help our clients navigate the marketplace by providing a comprehensive and customized suite of research tools.

Financial Services is no longer same old, same old. It is quickly evolving and changing. Financial service firms need a research partner that not only knows the market today, but can help them anticipate and respond to the future. RTi’s financial services practice provides our clients with research solutions that drive success both today and tomorrow.

RTi in Action


A top-tier Financial Services firm was interested in developing a Cash Management strategy to increase the level of cash and cash equivalent products held by their clients, as it was hypothesized that more cash meant more future investments held with the firm.


RTi conducted segmentation research to better understand how customer segments differ on their attitudes toward cash/cash equivalents, the role cash serves in a portfolio, and the levers that could be used to draw cash into the firm. Five customer segments were identified. RTi also provided input for communications strategies focused on the reasons for having cash/cash equivalents in a portfolio. Most importantly, these customer segments were also linked to the firm’s customer database to enable effective targeting of customized messages.


A leading credit card issuer needed a cost efficient way to cut five weeks off its customer research process in order to meet the demands of the business.


RTi developed a custom panel of about 30K customers + 6K prospects that has been used to deliver a wide range of business insights about twice a month, on average. Research through the panel is typically about 10% less expensive and 50% faster than research through other means.


A leading credit card issuer was considering removing some high-cost benefits from a credit card and wanted to understand what other types of benefits could and should be added to maintain card use.


A discrete-choice exercise was used to understand the relative value of each benefit, as well as the impact of adding and removing benefits. RTi provided solutions that allowed the issuer to maintain the same level of card usage even with the removal of the costly benefits, and in some cases, improved card usage by replacing dropped benefits with new benefits.