Media / Communications

Leverage Our Knowledge

Evolving. Provocative. Informing. RTi has a long history of supplying market research to media, communications, and entertainment companies, and partnering to enhance all areas of their businesses. Our strength in innovative research allows us to bring unique perspective, insights, and techniques in ways that other research companies cannot.

We apply our deep expertise in consumer research to innovatively address the specific needs of the media, communications, and entertainment industries on topics such as:

  • Readership/editorial research – including lead article testing
  • Cover testing – extraordinarily fast turnaround for a reasonable price
  • Sponsorship research – from live events to public television shows
  • Website evaluation
  • Brand tracking
  • Product optimization

Consumer Packaged Goods

RTi has a valued reputation for pioneering research and adapting techniques to address the rapid changes in communications delivery and format.

And while some associate media and entertainment with “big budget”, that’s a phrase we leave to studios – it’s not a phrase you’ll find around here. We are ever cognizant of two constraints facing our clients in the media business: budget and time.

At RTi, we know there is never enough of either, so we routinely leverage our innovative tools – such as our combination quant/qual techniques – to maximize learning and provide actionable recommendations in the shortest time possible within tight budgets. Being flexible and nimble isn’t news around here; it’s the way we’ve always run our business to help yours.

RTi in Action


A leading U.S. service provider was seeking to grow its business in several global markets where they felt the marketplace was under-developed and, therefore, presented strong growth opportunity for the business.


RTi’s research program began with qualitative learning from key players, including end customers and those who were currently providing the service in-country. The learning gathered during the qualitative phase was brought forward into a quantitative initiative, which provided a full view of the current category landscape and dynamics, areas of opportunity, and the demand present in those areas. RTi worked with the Marketing and Planning teams to create specific marketing and activation strategies.


An expanding telecommunications provider needed an effective and sound sampling method to measure brand health in its geographically complex servicing footprint, as well as in the multitude of competitor overlap areas.


RTi created a custom online tracking program which consistently and appropriately samples within and across the various company footprints. This ensured that the different provider analyses reflected the areas of the country where each provider offers their telecom services. Further, the multi-faceted approach allowed us to slice-and-dice the various results for competitive match-ups across the country. The net benefit was impactful learning for sales teams who were able to view their regions’ progress and identify awareness and imagery improvement opportunities.


In an ongoing effort to recruit sponsors for their children’s television show, our client needed a consistent approach to prioritize their development efforts and prove the ROI to partner companies.


RTi created a survey instrument that captured parent reactions to a comprehensive list of potential partner brands and calculated the lift associated with sponsoring the show. A hierarchy of near in and longer term targets was identified and ROI scorecards were developed for use in negotiations.