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Innovation is More Than Just a Good Idea

As long as humans have been on this earth we have innovated. We found use for fire, invented the wheel, learned to work with steel. The Romans had roads and plumbing, the Egyptians built pyramids. The Phoenicians invented the written language. Fast forward – electricity, horseless carriages, the telephone, innovations in medicine, radio, TV, and computing.

The difference between the not so distant past and now is technology and the speed of innovation. New products and delivery systems are coming out faster than we can breathe and we, as market researchers, can hear the voice of the consumer like never before. Exhilarating, for sure, but also a bit overwhelming! Which is why we wrote this eBook.

In our new eBook, Innovation is More Than Just a Good Idea, we:

  • Examine the types of innovation and how they differ
  • Identify the reasons innovation is an imperative for companies that wish to survive
  • Show you, the insights professional what roles you play in the process and how to play them successfully
  • And much more!


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