Brand Equity

Measuring the Essence of a Brand

What is that something special that sets your brand apart?

Brand Equity – sometimes also referred to as Brand Health – is a multidimensional concept that defines a brand’s strength in the marketplace and its differentiation from competition. By intelligently managing your brand’s equity and leveraging your brand’s advantages, you can strengthen the crucial relationship between your brand and the consumer.

And you know what they say about relationships? Good ones, strong ones, increase brand value, customer loyalty, and commitment.


The old adage, “you manage what you measure” couldn’t be truer when it comes to brand equity: to effectively manage it, you must measure it.


RTi’s brand equity measurement tools are developed around four key brand elements that together represent the entirety of a brand’s equity (or health):


Brand presence


Brand image


Brand experience


Brand value

Through marketing intelligence, solid research, and advanced analytics, RTi brings a brand’s intricate relationships with its customers and competitors to the surface where they can be evaluated and acted upon for success.

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