Claims Substantiation

Specialized Knowledge that Comes from Experience


Just mention the word “claims” and marketers stiffen up.

Designing and conducting Claims Substantiation research that will stand up to scrutiny requires a tremendously detailed and up-to-date understanding of this very specialized and technical field. You want to make sure you are working with a market research partner that really knows their stuff.

RTi’s deep understanding and expertise is based on decades of conducting claims substantiation research for our clients.

If research is required – and remember this is a very important “if”, as not all claims need to be substantiated by research – RTi will design a fair and balanced test and then execute it with the greatest attention to detail and quality control.


RTi is well versed in designing the appropriate test for various claims:





Market performance


Competitive message misunderstanding

(Confusion Testing)

With the appropriate survey design, market selection, and quality controls, any claim can be properly validated. You can trust RTi to help ensure your ads have maximum impact with minimum risk.


For more information, read our eBook on Legal Claims Substantiation.

My experiences with RTi have been very positive. They have a can-do attitude from proposal stage thru report-out, and have turned around ad-hoc, insightful analyses immediately after close of study.”

Sr. Manager, Market Research, Pharmaceutical

“I know when I get a report from RTi it will be 95% ready; with others I have to spend so much time reworking and rewriting.”

Market Research Manager, CPG

“We value the business relationship that we have with RTi. Their work is of the highest quality at a reasonable price. They took the time to learn our business to become an essential partner in making our business grow.”

Market Research Manager, CPG

Working with RTi is a real pleasure – first you are always very thorough and thoughtful which makes my job so much easier, and then you are always so flexible and accommodating. Thank you!”

Sr. Manager Consumer Insights, Major Food & Beverage Manufacturer

“A special shout out for bringing such value to the study – the speed and depth of analysis has made such an impact on the team in terms of pricing, package design and go-to-market strategies…”

Sr. Manager, Global Marketplace Insights, Multinational Financial Services Corp