Naming Development / Testing

Find Out What’s in a Name


What’s in a name?

Quite a lot – just ask any expert on intellectual property! Your brand or product name can be the single most effective means of communication to your target market. It can be your entrée into new products, consumer groups, or geographic markets. It’s why companies go to great lengths to develop and protect their brand names.


RTi understands the huge value that a brand name can possess.

With this much at stake, naming can’t be left up to chance. We use a two-step name generation and development process to create and identify winning names.


Potential names are developed and evaluated through a series of creative sessions with target market respondents using specialty “divergence and convergence” techniques.

Or, to reach beyond the target market for uniquely new thinking, there’s also RTi IngenuitySM for this creative first step.

Best-bet names (after legal vetting and cultural testing) are then quantitatively tested using RTi’s proven system to determine the strongest brand name on multiple factors.

What’s in a name? A lot of creativity, thought, and testing.

Now more than ever name development is crucial. It’s not just what your consumer sees on a package or in an ad. It becomes ubiquitous – in social media, in internet searches, on your website. The implications are widespread and, frequently, global.

My experiences with RTi have been very positive. They have a can-do attitude from proposal stage thru report-out, and have turned around ad-hoc, insightful analyses immediately after close of study.”

Sr. Manager, Market Research, Pharmaceutical

“I know when I get a report from RTi it will be 95% ready; with others I have to spend so much time reworking and rewriting.”

Market Research Manager, CPG

“We value the business relationship that we have with RTi. Their work is of the highest quality at a reasonable price. They took the time to learn our business to become an essential partner in making our business grow.”

Market Research Manager, CPG

Working with RTi is a real pleasure – first you are always very thorough and thoughtful which makes my job so much easier, and then you are always so flexible and accommodating. Thank you!”

Sr. Manager Consumer Insights, Major Food & Beverage Manufacturer

“A special shout out for bringing such value to the study – the speed and depth of analysis has made such an impact on the team in terms of pricing, package design and go-to-market strategies…”

Sr. Manager, Global Marketplace Insights, Multinational Financial Services Corp