Brand Health Tracking

Know When Change is Happening


Change happens. The idea is to see change coming rather than realizing it after the fact.

Tracking studies let you get an early read on marketplace changes that can affect your brand, your competition, or the structure of your market, such as changes in:

  • Brand or ad awareness
  • Usage or preference share
  • General category environment
  • Consumer behaviors or attitudes


RTi has decades of experience in tracking research.

We conduct thousands of interviews each year across a variety of industries and objectives. We know what it takes to build and sustain a successful and valuable brand-health tracking program:


Business Objectives

We work closely with our clients to ensure consensus on business objectives and how the research will be used. Making the right decisions at the start is crucial to the success of the tracking program.

Study Design

The objectives drive all aspects of the research design: sample frame and definition, data sources and collection methods, timing of interviewing, and the key metrics to be used.

Sample Management

RTi has the increasingly rare, but critical, knowledge and experience to vigilantly maintain the proper sample controls, ensuring comparable tracking over time.

Clear Reporting

RTi is known for its data visualizations and reporting that quickly and clearly provide our clients with direction and actionable insight.

Business isn’t static. We work with our clients to make certain that their research programs evolve over time to address changing business and informational needs. So that when change happens, you are prepared.

“RTi understands our business issues and provides study designs that ensure we meet our research objectives. This study was well executed, and results were delivered on time, with well-written summary and conclusions.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“This is incredible. It’s like Fedex. When you absolutely, positively need next day results, call RTi.”

VP, Strategic Marketing Insights, Casual Dining Restaurants

“After more than 12 years, I continue to work with RTi because they deliver excellent value. RTi provides expertise and quality service, and has been a great partner in research execution and data analysis.”

VP, Global Market Research, Financial Services

“RTi consistently provides high-quality work, meets tight timelines, and, most important, is a pleasure to work with. I truly value them as partners.”

Sr. Manager, Marketplace Insights, Financial Services