Satisfaction Measurement & Modeling

Actions for Building Your Consumer Base and Brand Loyalty


In business, it all comes down to your customers.

They are your lifeblood. They demand quality, consistency, and outstanding service through every aspect of their experience. One slip up and they could be gone. And winning them back can be a long, hard, and expensive proposition.

Keep a pulse on what your customers are thinking, how they are acting, how satisfied they are. Avoid complacency and losing your competitive edge.


RTi’s proven, multi-phased, dynamic approach to satisfaction measurement has been providing actionable learning to Fortune 500 clients for decades.

We start with determining what constitutes satisfaction among your customers and culminate with an ongoing measurement program to ensure consistent delivery.

Each program is based on the following steps and is customized to address specific objectives:

Develop comprehensive and reliable metrics

Unlock insights that encourage customer retention and loyalty

Establish benchmark standards of performance

Assess the effectiveness of improvement initiatives

Drive accountability and ownership

Tracking is an apt word in research. It’s continual measurement against the pursuit of your goals … with an all important eye towards making sure your goals are still the right goals in a fast changing environment.

“RTi understands our business issues and provides study designs that ensure we meet our research objectives. This study was well executed, and results were delivered on time, with well-written summary and conclusions.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“This is incredible. It’s like Fedex. When you absolutely, positively need next day results, call RTi.”

VP, Strategic Marketing Insights, Casual Dining Restaurants

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VP, Global Market Research, Financial Services

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Sr. Manager, Marketplace Insights, Financial Services