Benefit Hierarchy

Prioritizing Solutions to Propel Product Growth

Mature brands and categories face unique hurdles for growing their business, while newer ones can struggle to build on the momentum of early successes.

Smart and savvy marketers know that the key to long-term success is to develop and optimize benefits that truly motivate purchasing.


Benefit Hierarchy is a specialized research technique that prioritizes potential solutions for product and package innovation.

The study objective is always to answer:

“Which benefits will most favorably impact the purchase decision-making process?”

The Benefit Hierarchy model is based on the consistency in consumers’ reactions to the presence and absence of each benefit/feature.

Consistency being a key word. There’s too much at stake to rely on flash-in-the-pan reactions.



Provide real direction by pushing beyond traditional liking or importance measures that don’t provide enough discrimination.

Minimize cost and maximize speedy, actionable knowledge.

Isn’t being able to discern the tipping point what separates good from great ideas? And in today’s ultracompetitive market, it’s only the great ideas that succeed.

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