Concept Screening and Testing

Valuable Direction for Taking the Next Step


Is there such thing as too many choices?

Whether you need to screen many concepts down to a smaller set for further development or make a “big bet” business decision among a few good ideas, RTi research can provide valuable concept direction.

Structured, Yet Flexible

We never force fit a “black box” solution to your concept testing needs. We believe a flexible and custom research design, based on proven methods, yields greater success.

Tried & True Meets Innovative Tools

If you’ve tested concepts before, then you know that one of the biggest challenges in getting real value out of the research is the ability to obtain enough discrimination among ideas. Our concept testing toolbox leverages a combination of traditional techniques along with innovative methods that drive discrimination and provide real direction and decision support to our clients.

Unique Quant/Qual Hybrid Methods

RTi also offers unique quant/qual hybrid methods that allow our clients to test and optimize ideas virtually and simultaneously. It can be a game changer for those times when deadlines are extremely short or when confidentiality doesn’t allow for concepts to be shared online.


RTi tests hundreds of concepts each year. Each one with a unique slant; but deciding which has unique potential to succeed is the real benchmark.

At RTi, concept testing is not just a formula and we are not a factory. We’ve helped concepts from packaged goods to financial services go from ideation to commercialization. It all begins with discerning and delivering a great idea.

This has been a truly wonderful journey and I have enjoyed working with RTi across the brainstorming, qual, and quant. I truly cannot think of a team that I would rather work with.”

Associate Director, Global Strategic Insights, Major Consumer Pharmaceutical Company

“It’s always a pleasure to work with RTi!!! You guys are head and shoulders above your competition!

Consumer Insights Manager, Major Snack Food Manufacturer

“You were the first and only person who came to mind as this business question popped up!”

Research Manager, CPG

“RTi continues to be one of my most trusted research partners. I count on RTi to deliver great results that help drive business results for my marketing partners.”

Sr. Manager, Marketplace Insights, Financial Services

“Thank you for a great job and considerable devotion to our business.  It’s rare to have a total team effort with such accomplished individuals as yourselves.  You should be proud.”

Group Manager, Marketing Research, CPG Manufacturer