Line Optimization

RTi Portfolio Manager™
Line Optimization Through Volume Modeling


Is there such thing as too much?

When it comes to product line extensions, the answer is yes! RTi’s Portfolio Manager™ has successfully helped our clients solve the always-difficult dilemma of what to include, and what to exclude from a product line, including challenges such as:


Which are the greatest opportunity varieties to add to the line?


Is a line better off with two new varieties or de-listing a current offering and adding three new varieties?


What are the best line solutions for a 12-product line made up of four products each from the three sublines?


Are there different line solutions for different channels? Different regions?


RTi’s Portfolio Manager™ breaks through the often indecisive results of a traditional TURF line optimization approach. While TURF is useful for relatively simple and straightforward line optimization situations, it falls short of being able to provide the answers needed for many “real-life” in-market situations.

RTi’s unique survey instrument feeds into a powerful analytic model that yields relative volume estimates for each and every possible line combination.

And, of course, a volume estimate is a much better directional indicator of potential units sold and line profitability than a simple “reach” proportion. Both gains in volume as well as losses due to cannibalization are calculated to arrive at a net incremental volume estimate for each line combination.

“RTi led the project and provided superior guidance on the test design and methodology, and quickly grasped the marketing objectives.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

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Director, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“RTi was a very responsive, intelligent, and dependable partner in all phases – from design / implementation to working through all analytical details, problems, and issues encountered in this complicated test.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“RTi’s expert staff provides high-quality service from the initial research proposal through the final report. They are dependable, extremely knowledgeable about methodologies, and go the extra mile to work through complex issues or challenges.”

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