Pricing Optimization

Solving for an Essential
and Potentially Elusive Factor



It’s among the most critical marketing mix decisions to be made and it’s often the most difficult. The value or brand message communicated to consumers by price can be louder than, and trump, all others. And don’t forget the challenge of maximizing profitability by tying together purchase volume and pricing.

RTi is a pricing research expert and can help answer crucial, but common, questions, such as:


What is the optimal price for my product introduction?


Will my brand lose significant volume if the price increases?


How will the market react to price changes in my product (or a competitor’s)?


What are consumers willing to trade-off for price: package features, convenience, variety?


RTi offers a range of proven research solutions to help you price right, including:


Competitive shelf tests


Van Westendorp advanced modeling using the Newton-Miller-Smith extension


Price laddering


Discrete choice – complete with powerful and easy-to-use simulator

Selecting the right tool to start is absolutely essential to the success of pricing research. RTi ensures the research method selected is a perfect match to achieve both your business and research objectives. When it comes to solving your most pressing marketing decisions, RTi Thinks and Delivers.

“RTi led the project and provided superior guidance on the test design and methodology, and quickly grasped the marketing objectives.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“Our customers trust our products and we trust RTi.”

Director, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“RTi was a very responsive, intelligent, and dependable partner in all phases – from design / implementation to working through all analytical details, problems, and issues encountered in this complicated test.”

Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, Food & Beverage

“RTi’s expert staff provides high-quality service from the initial research proposal through the final report. They are dependable, extremely knowledgeable about methodologies, and go the extra mile to work through complex issues or challenges.”

Market Research Manager, CPG

“Sincere thanks – your firm has been a true partner and because of that, we have had a lot of success building our consumer insights business.”

Business Leader, Financial Services

“I hired RTi as our research partner and was very pleased with the outcome of the collaboration. I would definitely work with RTi again and know they can be a trusted partner on projects both big and small.”

Research Director, Media/Publishing